WGR Featured Member: Brooke Parker

Brooke Parker
Government Relations Analyst, Deloitte
Chicago, IL
Favorite DC Restaurant: Iron Gate
Fun Fact: Iím a big traveler and have been to many places, but my absolute favorite place to go back to is Walt Disney World. Iíve been 25 times.
About Brooke: Iíve loved politics ever since I ran for my first office in 4th grade. Since then, I knew I wanted to work in D.C. surrounded by passionate drivers who want to positively impact society and advocate for change. Previously I served in the Management Consulting and Training office at the National Governors Association and an Account Associate at The Pivot Group, a political consulting and campaign firm.  Iím a lover of all types of music and attending concerts, traveling, and exploring new areas of the DMV.

What attracted you to WGR and how has it helped you personally & professionally?  Since joining WGR, I canít tell you how many times Iíve been at networking events, conferences, etc. and there are at least 5 other WGR members attending. The WGR network is strong and having a group of women who support each other and build each other up is essential for career development, especially in this town. Iíve learned so much by the many seminars Iíve attended and have made great friendships along the way.

What advice do you have for young women entering the field? Never give up on what makes you passionate, personally or professionally. Setting goals and striving for what gives you energy and fulfillment is key. If youíre in a position that feels draining, make a change. Donít feel like you have to stick with one path if youíre interested in something different.

What is your favorite part of your day or job? Every day is a new challenge and unpredictable. I love that I come in and get to flex different types of my professional muscles while also learning new skills. I have diversity in my work, which to me is so important at this stage in my career.

What skills do you think are most important in government affairs and why? Government affairs is about building relationships, but what helps maintain them is being genuine in your interactions and taking the time to get to know someone for more than their job. I would also say confidence and being able to comfortably interact with strangers and cold-intro yourself. I think it says a lot about a person when they can go up to a stranger and introduce themselves without needing an introduction.

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