WGR Featured Member: Casey Denoyer

Casey Denoyer
Legislative Manager, Ford Motor Company

Hometown: Novi, MI
Favorite DC Restaurant: Ari's Diner
Fun Fact: When I’m busy, I read the end of books first. It’s a terrible habit.

About Casey: I construct stakeholder communications and messaging on policy issues, as well as work with our political action committee. In my personal time, I enjoy volunteering as a math teacher for students studying for the GED, trying new restaurants in DC, and really soft chocolate chip cookies.

What attracted you to WGR and how has it helped you personally & professionally?  I attended the PACs, Politics, and Grassroots conference a few years ago, and remained on WGR’s email list until I finally joined last year. Professionally, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get out of my “work circles” – meeting the same people over and over at industry events – and attend events with professional, like-minded women who are in similar stages of their career. On a personal level, I’ve felt very welcomed by the WGR community and have met some awesome women who I consider new friends.

What advice do you have for young women entering the field? Find a champion in your office to build a relationship with, not only a “mentor” –  a senior-level champion needs to be willing to be a strong advocate in the HR meetings to get you to that next level. You can have countless coffees with mentors that will only serve as a sounding board and a chance to drink caffeine. Those have value too, but don’t count on that alone to advance your career.

What is your favorite part of your day or job? I love when an unexpected challenge pops up at work that requires me to scramble to find a solution and get it done quickly. It can result in long hours of struggle and jumping through hoops, but the feeling of accomplishment when you’re heading home after a tough job well done is the best.

What skills do you think are most important in government affairs and why? Especially for women, SPEAK UP and stand your ground in meetings and at events – do your research and know that you belong in the meeting, in the conversation, wherever you are.  Learn how to write and communicate well, and you will forever have a job.

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