Frequently Asked Questions

I have joined WGR. How do I get more involved?
Join a task force or committee and attend events. A higher level of involvement will result in a better membership experience. Also, check the calendar of events for a New Member Breakfast!

Do I qualify for membership in WGR?
Please review the list of membership categories. If you are still unsure, please contact the WGR office.

Does WGR have a membership category for government relations professionals located outside of the D.C . metropolitan area and what are the benefits?
WGR has a membership category called Associate for individuals located outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The annual membership fee is $100 and the initiation fee is waived. Non-local members can benefit by having access to our online Membership Directory and social media networks as well as attending members only webinars on various topics.

Are men eligible for WGR membership?
Anyone in the field of government relations is eligible to join WGR, no matter your gender.

Is my WGR membership transferable?
Individual memberships in WGR are non-transferable. If a member leaves their organization, the membership goes with them. If your company is interested in an organizational membership, consider joining WEN - the WGR Empowerment Network.

How can I renew my WGR membership?
WGR sends dues invoices by email and mail. If you would like to renew and have not received a reminder, please contact the WGR Office or login into the WGR Community and an alert to renew will be at the top of your profile. Follow the prompts to renew through the website.

How can I become featured under the WGR member spotlight?
If you would like to be featured under the WGR Member Spotlight, send a brief paragraph about you, your career, why you joined WGR or how WGR has helped advance your career. Please send this and a headshot to the WGR Office.

Are WGR membership dues tax deductible?
WGR is a 501(c)6 organization. Your dues are tax deductible as a business expense,  but not a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax attorney for more information.

What is the weather policy for WGR events?
WGR follows the weather policies of the federal government. If the federal government is closed due to weather conditions, WGR events will be postponed until further notice. Events will be rescheduled (to the best of our ability) and all registrations will be honored at that time. Refunds or credits will be provided if the event is not rescheduled or if you are unable to attend on the new date. If the government is granted liberal leave, all WGR events will proceed as scheduled. If there is a delay, morning events will be postponed and afternoon events will take place as scheduled, unless otherwise noted. WGR will communicate updates about the event to attendees via email and on the homepage of our website.

What is the refund policy for WGR event registrations?
WGR event registration fees must be paid in advance. If you are unable to attend, you may send a substitute, however you are responsible for the difference in fees if the individual is a non-member. The deadline for requesting a refund is three business days prior to the event. The request must be received in writing, prior to the deadline. Please send refund requests to [email protected].

Can I send a colleague to a WGR event in my place?
Substitutions are acceptable, but an additional fee will be charged for attendees in a higher registration category.

Does WGR hold meetings outside of Washington, D.C.?
WGR is a D.C. area based organization that rarely holds events outside of area. Most events are held downtown or on Capitol Hill.

Task Forces & Committees
Do I have to be a WGR member to join a task force or committee?
Yes, task force and committee involvement is reserved for members only. Click here to join. However, non-members are eligible to receive information about task force events that are of interest to them. Join interest group lists.

I would like to get more involved in a WGR task force or committee. How do I contact a co-chair?
Contact information for co-chairs is available here. We recommend joining a task force too.

I am interested in becoming a WGR task force co-chair.
If you are interested in a leadership role in WGR, consider becoming a task force co-chair. Contact the WGR Office for additional information.

How do I start a new task force?
If you are interested in forming a new task force, please send an email to Emily Bardach in the WGR Office.

Organization Visibility/Sponsorship
How can I learn more about the WGR Empowerment Network (WEN), and how my organization can gain more visibility through WGR?
Contact Emily Bardach, Executive Director at 703-299-8547.

Professional Development
Is there a separate fee to join WGR Toastmasters?
Yes, there is a separate fee to join WGR Toastmasters. All upcoming Toastmasters meetings are listed on the calendar of events.

I would like to post a job on the WGR job board.
Click here log into your account and post a job under Content & Features. Only WGR members have the ability to post job openings to our career center at this time. For help, review our Career Center help page.

I am job hunting and would like to post my resume on the WGR job board.
Click here log into your account and upload your resume under Content & Features. Only WGR members have the ability to upload resumes to our career center at this time. For help, review our Career Center help page.

I forgot my password. Can WGR reset it?
There is a “Reset Your Password” feature on the website. If you need additional assistance, please contact the WGR Office or review our Sign in Help Page.

I received an “Access Denied” message and am unable to access parts of the website?
You must be a WGR member in good standing to access the MEMBERS ONLY portions of the website. If you believe you are receiving this message in error or wish to speak to a WGR representative to resolve the problem, please contact the WGR Office at 703-610-9030.