Leadership Institute Events

 WGR Leadership Institute: The Transformation of Government Relations
November 30, 2017

In partnership with Women In Government Relations, Bloomberg Government recently hosted a panel on the transformation of government relations.  The timely panel discussed how the industry is changing, from the challenges organizations face to the tactics they use to accomplish their goals at the state and federal level.  The 80 person audience included government relations and communications professionals from corporations, non-profits and trade associations.

The panel, moderated by Linda Douglas, Director of Strategic Communications, Bloomberg Washington DC, included Heather Podesta, Founder and CEO of Invariant, Jocelyn Moore, SVP, Public Policy and Government Affairs, NFL, Shaylah Nunn Jones, Director of State Government Affairs, Novo Nordisk, Inc., and Maureen B. Riehl, Principal & Counsel, Multistate.  The panelists discussed the impact of social media on government relations and how it has created an environment that feels like there is constantly a crisis.  It has also changed the way government relations professionals engage with their stakeholders and control their messages, given the sheer volume of information and pace in which it is disseminated on social platforms .  Finally, the panel noted that as a result of the increase in information and use of social platforms, many of them were working closed with the communications teams at their organizations or client’s organizations, something relatively new for the industry.
The panelists also noted the increase in engagement at the state level in government relations and the challenges related to different rules and regulations for lobbying and reporting in each state.  They noted that much of the increase in state level activity is due to increased gridlock at the federal level.
Overall the panel was optimistic about the future of government relations and the potential for harnessing social media and their communications colleagues for greater success.

WGR Leadership Institute: Raising Your Hand
October 11, 2016
On October 11th the WGR Leadership Institute hosted another amazing networking and professional development event as part of the ongoing partnership between WGR and Bloomberg Government. The diverse panel of experienced women in government affairs dived into a frank conversation on the evolution of what it has meant for women in this field to find their own voice and be able to advocate for themselves and their careers. Panelists shared lessons learned and advice from their time on the capitol hill, on the campaign trail, in trade associations, corporate and nonprofit offices. WGR members walked away with many pearls of wisdom that can be implemented to advance their own day to day work practices as well as how they interact with those around them.


 WGR Leadership Institute: Moments that Matter
August 2, 2016

On Tuesday August 2nd, a diverse group of members from across WGR leadership and WEN came together for an engaging brown bag seminar entitled “Moments that Matter.” Led by Immediate Past President Meredith Shue the group was challenged to rethink how they face the moments that make up daily lives. Meredith moderated a lively discussion illustrating how key actions, or the 10 moves, you can make can help ensure those moments really matter – the key is being ready for those moments and not just letting them happen.


WGR Leadership Institute: What is your Work/Life Fit?
July 12, 2016
On July 12, we co-hosted with Bloomberg Government the second event in our new WGR Leadership Institute series, which are intended to be fun and interactive professional development dialogues for government relations professionals at all levels.

 Suzy Walther Yarnall, the global head of talent at Bloomberg, moderated a panel that consisted of four professional women and one man discussing work/life fit. These professionals shared what has worked for them over different points in their careers and provided various tips for attendees whether they’re a working mom, attending school at night, caring for aging parents, or just want to better understand the point of view of their male managers and working dads.
Communication was the key takeaway from the conversation. Lisa Horn from SHRM, who is a single mom, talked about the support she receives from her colleagues who attend most of the evening networking events. Senior Corporate Counsel at Rockwell-Collins Laurie Sussman talked about how her bosses and coworkers pitched in to allow her to attend law school at night, transition to a new role in the general counsel’s office at her firm, and travel to North Carolina to care for her father-in-law.
The worst thing that can happen is someone will say “no.” Edda Collins Coleman, managing director of The 316 Group, told the audience about her employee, who is a single woman, and how she approached her to request for more “me time” to recover from a family tragedy. Michael Zola also shared about his time on the Hill hiring a woman who had shared her early pregnancy during the interview process. He explained that they really wanted her in the position and her open disclosure and hard work during the next seven months caused everyone to be more supportive during her maternity leave.
Attendees came away with a better understanding that when it comes to work/life fit, one size does not fit all and everyone has unique needs and aspirations. No one has it completely figured out, but communication is key.

Leadership Institute: Engaging a Multigenerational Workforce

April 22, 2016
Each generation has its own distinct characteristics, values, and attitudes toward work, based on its generation’s life experiences. At our first WGR Leadership Institute, sponsored by Bloomberg Government event on April 22, panelists engaged in a thought provoking discussion on how companies can engage the multigenerational workforce and how employers are adapting to better communicate with and support this diverse group.

Leadership Institute: Building Your Personal Brand
March 22, 2016

On March 22 WGR Career Coach Anne Collier of Arudia worked with attendees to establish their personal brand. Collier guided attendees through the multi-process exercise of creating a professional brand, while providing real-life practical examples to help apply the process. She also showed attendees how to set up a valuable framework to establish your own personal brands and contacts. Collier covered the 5steps to create your brand, including translating your brand into talking points, networking tips including how to have a gracious entrance and exit, and learning to ask the right questions as you engage with contacts.

Speakers Included:
Peter Viechnicki, Strategic Analytics Manager, Data Scientist, Deloitte
Rachna Choudhry, CMO, POPVOX, Ann McCain, Principal, McCain Strategies
Jeannie Hill, Vice President, Human Resources Group Consulting Services, AARP
Erika Irish Brown, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Bloomberg LP (moderator)