Member Spotlight

Sarah Heckman
Government Affairs Staff Assistant, National Association of Home Builders

What is one piece of advice youíd give to someone looking to start a career in policy or public affairs?
Be proactive! Explore different areas that pique your interest. Be like a sponge and take in as much as you can. Seek out people and experiences you can learn from. Theyíre everywhere if you set the intention to find them.

What are qualities you look for in a mentor?

I look for authenticity, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor. I look for someone who can provide both constructive feedback and sisterly advice.

What are misconceptions people have about young professionals in the workplace?

One misconception is that young people are likely to jump ship as soon as a better job comes along. Thatís a misconception. Most of my peers are very strategic about their career planning and recognize the importance of learning from the ground up. Millennials are simply more willing than previous generations to move on if they are not fulfilled in their jobs. We place a higher premium on company culture and strive to work in places that are in alignment with our values. We are happy to stick around if we feel valued and stimulated. 

How has being a WGR member impacted your career?
WGR offers practical and interpersonal resources to help me unlock my full potential as a government relations professional. WGRís professional development offerings, such as the Direct to Congress class, have strengthened my knowledge and provided additional technical foundation needed to succeed in my career. I have thoroughly enjoyed the networking and engagement opportunities as well. Itís been both inspiring and informative to learn from such a talented group of government affairs professionals. Thatís why I recently joined the Membership and Engagement Committee. I am excited to work with the committee and become even more involved in WGR. 

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