Step into Power

Step into Power is a new skills-based, tactically focused program that will teach you the techniques you are looking for to respond to challenging situations and be a leader in your career. Each workshop focuses on a different element of your professional development. WGR is partnering with Anne Collier for this unique opportunity. The three workshops within the program can be taken individually or all together as a discounted bundle.

Fall 2018 Workshop Dates TBA:

Create Your Personal Brand
Working with Different Personality Types
Tactical Leadership Skills

Step into Power: Create Your Personal Brand
What do your colleagues and members or clients know about you?  Which kinds of opportunities do you want to attract?  How do you talk about yourself and your work in an interesting and intriguing manner? 

Doors will open if you have a reputation or brand that defines you. Your personal brand defines your distinctive strengths, abilities, and unique perspective while helping you to inspire and connect effectively with clients and colleagues alike.  Have some fun learning how to create your personal brand and to use it to your greatest advantage in an authentic way.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Talk about yourself and your work in an interesting and intriguing manner
  • Inspire and connect effectively with colleagues and members or clients
  • Deliberately shape you what people think and say about you
  • Infuse your brand throughout your work, bio, speeches, and other business development efforts
  • Use your brand to attract the best opportunities for you

Step into Power: Working with Different Personality Types
Have you ever wondered why you and a colleague are so different?  The colleague says the most insensitive things or seems overly sensitive. What about that peer or manager that is oh-so intimidating?  What are you supposed to do?

Learn how differences in Personality Type can affect workplace interactions and, armed with this knowledge, how you can be more confident, effective, and successful.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Understand your own four-letter Myers-Briggs Type so that you can leverage your strengths and ensure that your “blind spots” don’t derail your success;
  • Understand and recognize differences in Type and their implications for collaboration;
  • Transform annoyance and intimidation into appreciation and understanding by recognizing that all you’re experiencing are differences in Type;
  • Be more confident as you depersonalize difficult situations; and
  • Understand what’s really going on so that you can turn frustrations with colleagues into productive conversations.

Step into Power: Tactical Leadership Skills
Step into Power: Tactical Leadership Skills is an intensive one day leadership-skills class that will arm you with tactical skills you can apply to your “real world” work challenges. Learn your own problem-solving style and how to recognize others’ styles so that you can more effectively lead, manage, collaborate, and have those difficult conversations, 360 degrees. The workshop builds your management skills and overall tactical leadership competencies.

We are offering Tactical Leadership Skills in an accelerated, full-day format for your convenience! Anne will share with you best practices and tips that will noticeably improve your leadership, management, and collaboration. This accelerated session will cover a range of topics all in one day.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Understand problem solving as it relates to leadership, management, and collaboration, learning how to assess what others need from you as a leader, manager, and team member;
  •  Facilitate and participate in meetings so that you accomplish your goals and are seen as a leader regardless of your position;
  • Learn best practices for working with a range of colleagues (especially challenging ones);
  • Transform difficult conversations into opportunities to lead and generate great outcomes;
  • Learn how to initiate uncomfortable conversations and get what you want;
  • Learn to focus everyone on mutual needs and manage expectations;
  • Develop your staff and collaborate more effectively with everyone from your staff, to peers, to clients, to members, and to your manager;
  • Easily assessing what others need from you as a leader; and
  • Understanding colleagues’ strengths and blind spots as a means of creating a highly effective team.
  • Create Win-Win Conversations by relying on your tangible skill development, including the ability to diffuse difficult situations through:
    • Listening for and distinguishing your colleague’s goals from his or her proposed strategies
    • Using awareness of self and others to quickly identify needs in order to find mutually agreeable strategies
    • Techniques for dealing with defensiveness
  • Learn how to use Coaching Skills to improve conversation with everyone from your boss to your direct reports.

Course Format:

  • 8-hour session
  • Small group of 15 to 20 participants
  • Geared toward the early to mid-level professional (senior level professionals also encouraged)
  • Includes small group Follow-Up Support Call with 2-3 participants to reconnect and answer questions

About the facilitator, Anne Collier An expert leadership coach and trainer, Anne Collier gives clients a competitive edge by helping them discover their strengths and teaching them how to use those strengths to their greatest advantage. Clients walk away from Anne’s coaching and workshops with a powerful set of tools that helps them identify and achieve critical goals, including enhancing communication skills, developing leadership and management skills, and boosting team performance with an enduring sense of purpose. Anne practiced law in Washington, D.C. with Miller & Chevalier, Chtd and King & Spalding, where she represented and advised Fortune 500 corporations on various tax and business matters. Prior to private practice, Anne was an attorney with the Treasury Department.

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Earn CAE Credits:
As a CAE Approved Provider educational programing related to the CAE exam content outline, this program may be applied for 10 credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

Full Program: 14 Credits

Registration Fees:
WGR is able to offer a significantly discounted rate for our leadership programs compared to their value in the commercial market.

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