WGR Blog August


In the back of my work notebook I keep a running list of advice and quotes.  When Iím having a challenging moment, I flip to them and use them for inspiration.  One of my favorites came to me from my boss during an annual performance review.  It was my first year in a new job, I was working crazy hours and she simply said to me Ďwork smarter, not harder.í I really had to reflect on what that meant at first and it took a while to put it into action.  But slowly, I started finding ways to leverage the network I had created at my company, instead of doing in depth research for something, I found someone who was a subject matter expert and had them help me.  Instead of spending hours on a PowerPoint presentation, I got the content down and turned the design over to someone who had better skills in that program.  Before I knew it, my hours had dropped dramatically.  It is a piece of advice I regularly come back to and one that I gladly pass on to those I manage when I think they need it.  

As the 40th anniversary of WGR approached a few years ago, we decided to collect our memberís favorite pieces of advice, wise words they had picked up over the course of their careers.  Here are a few of my favorites that I added to the back of my notebook:

  1. Make an impact
  2. Listen with the intent to understand, not to respond
  3. Learn rapidly and eagerly
  4. Never be afraid to fail
  5. Maintain contacts

Maintain contacts was one of the wise words that reminded me of WGR, networking is a core function of our mission and something Iíve long valued about WGR.  Our events give me the ability to connect, and reconnect, with amazing women that I have so much to learn from.  So, as the summer winds down, come join us for our farewell to summer happy hour on August 28th and make some new connections or reconnect with old contacts. 

Meredith Shue is the immediate past president of Women in Government Relations and 2017 Distinguished Member awardee. Her full time job is as the Senior Manger, Communications for Deloitte.