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The Virtual Gamble – Existing in the Days of “Corona”

Monday, April 20, 2020   (1 Comments)

Earlier this month, I participated in a number of WGR-related virtual events, and I started using the Zoom “video” option for participating (I had not used that option beforehand) and I must admit, seeing all of my WGR sisters’ beautiful faces made me realize how much I miss my day-to-day professional (and for that matter, my personal) “human touch” connections!  This is quite frankly funny to me because I used to be a known introvert, who craved my “alone time” and who, at any given moment, would venture off somewhere exploring the next independent movie or cool art exhibit! I have evolved now into a combination of both the intro- and extrovert (yeah!) and the extrovert half of me is wondering if I will ever be able to do the “hug-thing” again?

Let’s face it – we are all reminded daily that these are very scary, crazy and just incomprehensible times in which we are living and working, and so now more than ever, we’ve got to make it a priority to remain as present and as in touch as possible – and that means our lives, at least for the time being, have turned into all things (mostly) virtual! One of the ways I am making sure to stay connected is by engaging in WGR’s Online Community – it is a great platform, not only for reaching out to other WGR members, but also for sharing information and resources!

Now, getting used to my primarily virtual existence can be challenging — I wonder if I am going to end up with “online overload” and just want it all to go away -- very, very quickly-- I then snap myself back to reality and start thinking out loud about a time when the only way that we all could stay connected — other than in-person — was with the use of the landline telephone (ha, I’m old enough to remember that object!)  So, I then laugh to myself, and as I prepare for my next webinar or virtual Happy Hour, I think again out loud, “This may not be the way I’m used to, but I’m so thankful it is a way!”

This month’s DEI Blog is authored by Gamble L. Hayden, Coordinator, Federal Compliance Services, State and Federal Communications and Co-Vice Chair, WGR’s DEI Committee.

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Monica R. Almond Ph.D. says...
Posted Tuesday, April 21, 2020
This really is a unique time in our history. Thanks for sharing your reflections Gamble! Really grateful for the way WGR has quickly adapted to continue programming and has offered additional ways for us to stay connected. #WeAreWGR