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Tragic Events in our Communities

Monday, June 1, 2020   (0 Comments)

Our WGR Board of Directors and I, along with our members, are deeply troubled and saddened by the events over the past few months - we are a nation in crisis

Our WGR Board of Directors and I, along with our members, are deeply troubled and saddened by the events over the past few months - we are a nation in crisis. COVID-19 has taken over 100,000 lives and severely impacted countless families’ financial security, while simultaneously we are witnessing the outrage from the horrific murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and, most recently, George Floyd, and countless others. These three human beings are victims of systemic racism and are no longer experiencing the love of their families simply because of their skin color. The perpetual mistreatment on the basis of race is inarguable, unacceptable and silence is no longer an option.


The events that ignited this powerful global response are a painful reminder of the ongoing disparities and generational trauma experienced by communities of color, and WGR stands firm in our commitment to bring about lasting change that creates an environment ripe with empowerment and advancement opportunities for all. The protests stretching from Los Angeles to London, consistent media coverage, social media activism, discussions within the workplace and intimate conversations with family dictate that turning a blind eye equates to complicity.


I am proud of our organization’s work on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and I cannot thank our DEI Committee enough for their advice, counsel, accountability and commitment to continuing to educate our members. The committee has led informational programming and hosted critically important discussions that among many, include race. The upcoming DEI Virtual Summit next month will provide members and non-members the opportunity to experience the incredible work of the committee.


But education is not enough, we must consistently speak out. While the protests will eventually come to an end, we must not let the conversations cease. Our work is not done. These recent events are painful reminders that targeted focus is required on race and how we understand our interactions with each other. We must hold ourselves accountable to ensure that we are supporting one another.


There is an abundance of online resources that will help educate and provide actionable ways to continue constructive conversations - this reading list is just one example. Most importantly, we need to be good leaders, colleagues, and neighbors by showing empathy and meeting one another’s emotional needs. So, keep asking each other how we are doing and continue the dialogue - that is what our community is for.


Now more than ever, let us remember that WGR’s goal is to create generations of powerful female advocates. We do that by lifting as we climb. Please know that you can reach out to me at at any point, and I will do all I can to support you.




Suzanne Swink 

WGR President