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DEI Month at WGR

Tuesday, July 7, 2020   (0 Comments)
WGR is thrilled to announce that July has been officially designated as DEI month! As you know, the DEI Virtual Summit will be taking place in a few weeks (thanks to all of our registered attendees and supporters!) In addition, we want to take this opportunity to highlight each day in July something DEI wonderful – and WGR would like to invite you to participate!
Here are a few ideas for ways that you can recognize DEI month (and also have a little bit of fun!):
  • On Twitter and/or LinkedIn? Use the hashtag #IamDEI and write a short blurb about the people, influences, life experiences and challenges that have made you who you are today! Tag another WGR member and ask her to tell her DEI Story! Don’t forget to also tag WGR (@WGRDC) on Twitter and mention Women in Government Relations on LinkedIn!
  • On Instagram? Find a picture (or take one yourself!) that represents what DEI means to you – don’t forget to also tag WGR (@WGRDC) and also use the hashtag #IamDEI
  • Join the DEI Committee’s Group in Community look for postings of at least one article, resource and/or event each day in July with a DEI Focus! And please, feel free to share any good stuff that comes your way, as well!
  • Follow the DEI Virtual Summit hashtag #DEISummit2020 for Summit highlights and key take-aways!
  • Alongside Summit participants, craft and share your personal "DEI Pledge" on Twitter using hashtag #MyDEIPledge. Don't forget to tag WGR (@WGRDC).
  • Think about what DEI does (or does not) mean to you? I invite you to share your insights with one other person in your network, and start a dialogue (phone, virtual, online)
We thank you in advance for telling your stories, helping to raise awareness and bridging gaps, and for also just being who you are – We are WGR!

Thank you to our DEI Month Sponsors