Statements of Principle 

Closing the Wage Gap Within the Field of Government Relations

Background: Despite a growing optimism about the profession generally, and increase in number of women in the field, men and women of similar titles and roles, within similar organizations, are not being compensated equally.  According to a 2016 compensation survey of over 2,000 government relations professionals of all levels, the compensation gap by job title and employment sector ranges from 68 cents on the dollar to 89 cents on the dollar. Further, the compensation gap based on years’ experience and employment sector ranges from 80 cents on the dollar for those with less than 10 years’ experience, to 88 cents on the dollar for those with more than 16 years’ experience. The equitable compensation of women is critical for the future of our profession. 
WGR Position: Women in Government Relations (WGR) strongly supports pay equity and parity for government relations professionals of similar titles, roles, years in the profession and organizations, regardless of gender. We are dedicated to improving compensation for women in government relations positions to ensure parity and equity between men and women for the same job. 
WGR’s Commitment to Eliminating the Wage Gap: WGR’s mission, vision and strategic direction recognize the growing importance and role of women in the field, and that government relations professionals – specifically women – are leading advocates within their organizations as well as in their official role as government relations professionals.
WGR will:
  • Raise awareness among our membership and within our professional community at large of the importance of compensation parity and equity within the government relations profession;
  • Providing programming to our members that share data and information regarding the wage gap;
  • Continue to gather data and provide research in this area;
  • Provide support for professionals in hiring positions to understand that such a wage gap exists; and
  • Support policies that aim to eliminate the wage gap in the government relations field. 

[1] Insights from the Women in Government Relations Compensation Survey with Bloomberg Government

Established January 2018