In December of 1975, 12 women met to form an association for women professionals in government relations. They held a common belief – that as women they would benefit from association with each other and from an entity specifically designed to guide them in their professional development.

By the end of that organizational meeting, Women in Government Relations was formally created, officers elected, and a six-member board of directors designated from among the founders. Membership qualifications were outlined, and a charter and by-laws developed. By February of 1976, two standing committees, programs and membership, were operational; and WGR held its first luncheon at the National Press Club.

During the first year of its existence, WGR sponsored 10 lunch events and two all-day seminars featuring topics of special interest to career women in the field of government affairs. Advancing up the corporate ladder, coordinating government affairs and public relations, risk taking in career planning, and the legislative agenda were among the sessions. 

In the summer of 1976, the WGR Board reassessed the organization’s direction for WGR and the group began to mobilize in earnest. Between September and the end of the year, a publicity committee was added, the by-laws were amended, the newsletter expanded, the job bank established, and two successful career development seminars were held. By the time of the annual meeting in January 1977, WGR had 26 dues paying members.

The hard work of our founders came to fruition on February 28, 1977 when Women in Government Relations, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia as a non-profit educational organization, exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)6 of the Internal Revenue Code. As stated in the articles of incorporation, the organization was established to foster and encourage the educational and professional development of women in the field of government relations.